Birthdate: August 13, 1997
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Twitter: @Moidlv
Instagram: @Moi_Dlv
Facebook: Moises de la Vara
Nationality: Mexican
Languages spoken: English, Spanish
Height/weight: 6’2” / 190 lbs.
Education: High School
Talent I wish I had: I wish I was better at golf.
Interesting note about me: I had my first Kart racing in 2015 (as a 17-year-old), and I use a smaller shoe size to fit in my car.
Favorite food: Sushi and steak.
Bucket list: To travel in Asia, visit Yellow Stone National Park, drive an F1 or IndyCar, learn to surf.
The one person I would most like to meet: Daniel Ricciardo.
Racing Goal: To drive in the NTT IndyCar Series Racing.
Hero: Ayrton Senna.

#6 DEForce Racing

Birthdate: August 4, 1997
Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Twitter: @koryenders
Instagram: @koryenders
Facebook: Kory Enders
Nationality: American
Languages spoken: English
Height/weight: 5’7” / 160 lbs.
Education: High School
Talent I wish I had: I wish I had better foot coordination and running skills so that I could play soccer, but I am horrible at it.
Hobbies: Music production has become a big hobby of mine. Some people would also consider me a gifted musician, as I can play any instrument without any instruction due to having “perfect pitch”.
An interesting note about me: I used to play chess online at a nationally ranked level.
Best meal I can cook by myself: pear and four cheese ravioli.
Favorite restaurant: Steak 48 in Houston, Texas.
Favorite place to visit: My lake house in Lake George, NY.
Racing Goal: To succeed in the NTT IndyCar Series and own a race team Racing.
Hero: Lewis Hamilton

#7 DEForce Racing

Birthdate: July 20, 2000
Hometown: Puebla, Mexico
Twitter: @manuelsulaiman
Instagram: @manuel_sulaiman
Nationality: Mexican
Languages spoken: Spanish, English
Height/weight: 5’7” / 134 lbs.
Education: High school
Talent I wish I had: To read peoples’ minds
Interesting note about me: I was captain of my school’s football team.
Best meal I can cook by myself: Quesadilla.
Bucket list: Go sky diving, surfing, and fly a helicopter.
Favorite places to visit: Restaurants.
Unusual habit: I crack my neck.
Racing goal: To be at the top of formula racing and win.
Racing hero: Fernando Alonso.

#8 DEForce Racing


Birthdate: March 2, 1998
Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Twitter: @parkertracing
Instagram: @parkertracing
Facebook: @ParkerThompsonRacing
Youtube: @ParkerThompsonRacing
Nationality: Canadian
Languages spoken: English
Height/weight: 5’8” / 145 lbs.
Education: High school
Talent I wish I had: I wish I knew how to read, write and speak Japanese (working on it.)
Local hero: Toronto Indy is my country’s home race.
Fears or pet peeves: I hate being late
Unusual routines/habits: I have a whiteboard in my shower at home, because for some reason most of my good ideas happen while I shower!
The one person I would most like to meet: Greg Moore – because he was Canada’s national racing idol
Racing goal: To be the NTT IndyCar Series Champion
Racing hero: Doug “Duggy” Thompson

#9 DEForce Racing

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